Distributors Association

The brain child of the late Shri L. M. Patel, this Association has been promoted in 1971, on the occasion of the Silver Jubliee of M/s. American Spring & Pressing Works Ltd. This Association is meant mainly to foster a spirit of Brotherhood, Fellowship and Love amongst the distributors and dealers.

Its basic tenets are :

  • To share ideas
  • To exchange views
  • To build up a bond of friendship and love
  • To arrest unhealthy competition
  • To maintain high ethical standards
  • To nurture the gifts of caring and sharing
  • To infuse a strong bond of family feeling - a spirit of oneness

The Association is set up to share problems and burdens of each other. A distributor could be in difficulty. There could be a death in the family. Natural calamity could be the cause of affliction. The Association serves as a source of solace, consolation, courage and strength.

Another thought behind the formation of the Association was the exchange of staff. Staff of one Distributor can undergo training in the area of a fellow distributor. This facilitates learning more about the country. Different Distributor locations on the map of India helps to imbibe the spirit of the State thereby abetting understanding of another. A smooth coordination between Distributor, Company and Fellow Distributor. A liaison. To bridge communication gaps. To bring about togetherness and establish a better rapport.

The Organization also organizes training for the staff of the Distributors - To suggest modern methods of sales promotion, service, market research, publicity, planning and statistics. This helps to build better understanding of products and above all to stay together and earn together.

The Association encourages excellence in Plant Protection subjects by awarding prizes or incentives to Agricultural Graduates and progressive farmers to better the agricultural scenario in the country.

The Association also meets once in every 3 months so that joint decisions are taken on policy matters. It has been Shri L.M.Patel's desire that all decisions be jointly made in consultation with the Distributor - Unlike a Trade Union ! This Association is meant to solve problems, not agitate demands.

The Aspee Distributors' Association has blossomed. It has grown. It also threw open its doors of membership to Dealers to increase the fraternity of Aspee members. Today it is a family Association. A unified bond of Love , Friendship and Understanding permeates -where the need to share and care for each other is of prime importance.

The Aspee Distributors' Association is often held up as a torch to many business organizations. To emulate. To imbibe. To realize that life is not only a business deal but can be pleasurable. All it takes is understanding. Time to understand by reaching out. By being humane, tender and compassionate. By remembering that love and Brotherhood still exist and will always exist as long as man has to interact, one with another. And to live in keeping with the vision of the Founder - the late Shri L. M. Patel.