Yeoman's Service

Never forgetting its motto - Service to humanity, ASPEE has funded several organizations, Colleges, Schools, Hospitals, Rural Development projects.

Shri M.D.Shah Mahila College, Malad, in memory of Late Director, Shri M.D.Shah, has received ASPEE funds from 1972.

The ASPEE Nutan Vidya Mandir at Malad has also enjoyed the ASPEE patronage since 1972.

The ASPEE Kanya Vidyalaya in Bilmora has been funded by ASPEE since 1979.

The N.L.High School and College in Malad, the J.D.T High School in Malad and the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel School at Kandivali have all felt sheltered under ASPEE's wing of benevolence.

ASPEE has spread its tentacles and made its presence felt by comforting the sick and needy. Donations and contributions have been made to some of the popular hospitals in Bombay. The Nanavati Hospital, The Harkisandas Hospital and the Asha Parekh Hospital, to name a few.

Religious and Social Institutes have also received patronage from ASPEE. The Ramakrishna Missions of Ranchi, Narendrapur, Vrindavan, Kankhal, Raipur and West Bengal have received assistance on almost a regular basis.

It was Mr. L. M. Patel's dream to uplift the rural masses. He worked tirelessly to achieve this goal inspite of the limitations at hand. His pet projects to promote backward areas were undertaken on a giant scale in Vyara in Surat District of Gujarat State, the Ramakrishna Missions in Ranchi, Chattisgarh State and Thane District in Maharashtra State. Colleges and Universities have been snugly tucked under the wings of ASPEE - The Lokbharati in Sanosara, Gujarat State, the Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Research Institute at Vallabh Vidya Nagar, to name a few !

ASPEE's agricultural assistance has found its way to Sambalpur, Raipur and Randhanpur. The laying down of irrigation lines, boring wells and ponds, adopting villages to tide over drought or flood have helped to ameliorate the lot of some of the lesser fortunate. These services have been etched firmly in the minds and hearts of the inhabitants of these villages.