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Design and development of gearbox for air sleeve boom sprayer Shri. Mrutyunjay Padhiary
Seasonal activity of Serpentine leaf miner, Liriomyza trifolii (Burgess) and its control using ecofriendly insecticides on Tomato crop Ms. R. Ashalatha
Studies on biology and management of sapota bud borer, Anarsia achrasella Bradley in Thane District Shri. Dinesh Pandurang Sinkar
Efficacy of Neem, HANPV and BT against Helicoverpa armigera (Hub.) at high and low volume spray droplets Shri Kharche R.H.
Training needs of vegetable growers in organic farming Ms. M. Maheswari
Integrated Nutrient management for mustard (Brassica juncea L.) Shri. Swapneel C. Bhore
Plant regeneration and genetic transformation studies in tomato (Lycopersicon escullentum.Mill.) Shri. Anil Kant
Molecular evaluation and identification of insect pathogenic bacteria Ms. Deshmukh Yogita Arun
Evaluation of different cultivars of Aonla (Emblica officinalis Gaertn.) for processed products Shri. Amol S. Mundade
Studies on maturity indices and some aspects of post harvest handling and processing of Banana (Musa paradisia L.) cv. Basarai Shri. Desai V.P.
Engineering rice with Trichoderma chitinase gene for the management of sheath blight disease Ms. R. Swarnambigai
Shrinkage behaviour of Onion slice during dehydration Shri Patel R.D.
Development of process for Kesar Mango Powder Shri Suraj Savaliya
Studies on optimal utilization of Solar-Photo-Voltaic water pumping Stem Shri Agarwal Narendra
Design and development of a safety CAB for tractor operators comfort Shri Sahastrarashmi R. Pund
Design and development of cashewnut grader Shri Wagh R.S.
Studies on dehydration of mushroom by intermediate tray drying Shri. Harishchandra T. Jadhav
Modeling of evaporation under different climatic conditions of India Ms. Monica Gupta
Design development and performance evaluation of air assisted sleeve boom for tractor mounted sprayer Shri. Satish Krishnarao Thakare
Modification and testing of air sleeve boom sprayer Shri. Sonar Dnyaneshwar Jagannath
Design and development of unloader valve for power operated sprayer Shri. Manohar Raghunath Chavan
Testing of constant flow valve for agricultural type knapsack sprayer (LOK) with different types of nozzles Shri. Shrikant Kallappa Patil
Design, development and evaluation of air assisted boom sprayer for orchard application Shri. Vinod Kumar Bhargav
Studies on the impact of watershed development programme using remote sensing and GIS Technique Shri. S.K. Upadhye
Potential for management for Plutella Xylostella (L) larvae with some eco-friendly insecticides Shri Rakesh Pandey
Evaluation of IPM Modules for Tomato Shri. Amit Karandikar
Study on genetic improvement in an Egg Parasitoid, Trichogramma spp. for resistance to pesticides Shri. Murlidhar B. Ingle
Use of insecticides in combination with oils for the management of Sprilling Whitefly, Aleurodicus disperses Russel on Guava Shri. Thimmaiah A.G.
Host preference and effectiveness of dust formulation of insecticides against Caryedon serratus (Olivier) Shri. Bhadani Aplesh K.
Bioefficacy of some newer insecticides against sucking pests of cotton and their safety to ladybird beetles Shri. Doiphode Sandeep Rajaram
Evaluation of the biological efficacy of milkweed plant, (alotropis gigantean) R.Br. against important storage pests Shri. R.Arulprakash
Management of rice stem borer, Scirpophaga incertulas (Walker) through bio-agent and bio-active plant extracts Shri. Ishtiyaq Ahad
To study the role of farm women in decision making process of Agriculture operations in Patan Block of Jabalpur district Ms. Manisha Jaiswal
Plant protection equipment use behavior of grapevine growers Shri. K. Ravindra Babu
Information and skill needs of Farm Women on Plant Protection Technologies Ms. S. Abhirama Sundari
Livestock development related institutional support services in Fatehpur district of Uttar Pradesh Shri. Manish Anand
Adoption of Botanical pesticides in Kanyakumari District Ms. Darling Suji
A study on effect of Agriculture Assistance schemes on farmers Shri R.J. Kalotra
Study on adoption of plant protection equipments by the farmers in Sindhudurg District Shri. Khanolkar Sadashiv Madhukar
Integrated Nutrient Management in True Potato Seed (TPS) Hybrids for seedling Tuber Production Shri. N.S. Parit
Judicious use of organic and inorganic sources of nutrients for sustaining the productivity of cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. Botrytis) Shri Vidyasagar Bhisma Gedam
Effect of different fertility levels on some promising varieties of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) Shri Narendra Kumar Singh Bias
Integrated nutrient management in broccoli for sustainable productivity Ms. Sadhana Pralhad Jagtap
Efficacy of new herbicides and herbicidal mixtures for weed control in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Shri. Krishan Gopal Chhipa
Refinement of nutrient management techniques for rice fallow blackgram Ms P. Geetha
Evaluation of promising quality protein maize cultivars in Konkan region Shri. Kaledhonkar Prasad Ramchandra
Efficacy of different herbicides in controlling Phalaris minor and associated weeds in Wheat Shri. Puneet Kumar
Design and development of a dual purpose unloading valve for power operated sprayers Aspee
Performance and Evaluation of Air Carrier Sprayer for Orange Orchard Aspee

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